Diocesan Church of Ambato
From 1997 Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and Ambato's diocese they come implementing the Program Health and Credit, which aim is: " to contribute to the improvement of the conditions of life of families of rural communities and peri urban of Tungurahua's province by means of the implementation of a model of primary care of health and communal banks that provide services in conditions of efficiency, quality, sostenibilidad accessibility and equity.”
Address: Lalama and Rocafuerte " Community center San Vicente of Paul ".
Sector Church Miraculous Medal, the third floor.
Telephones: 593 (03) 2827-795 / 2421-843 extensions 106, 107 y 113
E-mail: syc_ambato@yahoo.com / ambacami@yahoo.com
Web site: www.psambato.org
Diocesan Church of Latacunga

In Latacunga's diocese, the program of Communal Banks I initiate in 1997, by means of a project with CRS, integrating the components of health and credit. His mission is: " To contribute to the improvement of the conditions of life of the socias of the Communal Banks and Solidary Groups and to develop between) them skills to exercise his citizenship and to be agents of change in his community.

Address: Street Quito and Rafael Silva. Center Nazareth
Telephones: 593 (03) 2813-865 / 2811-849 / 087283824
E-mail: acdacami@yahoo.com
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Social Action Foundation "Caritas" - FASCA

Under the diocesan protection, on September 24, 1999 the Foundation was constituted Social Action Cáritas (FASCA). FASCA is an organization eclesial, constituted legally belonging to the Diocese of Santo Domingo of the Tsáchilas, inspired by the Gospel and Social Doctrine of the Church, promotes the rights and the integral development of the person, the family and the most vulnerable community, by means of the execution of his(its,her) programs and projects.

Address: Av. Chone 520 and Abraham Calazacón
Telephones: 593 (02) 3700-906 / 3700-635
E-mail: eucal1973@hotmail.com, ,celia_pms@yahoo.com
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Diocesan Human Promotion Guaranda

Guaranda's human Diocesan promotion (PHDG) is born as extension, to provincial level, of a work of community development lived in the parish Saline from the year of 1970, (PHDG) chose this way for a way of community development, which economic base constitutes the saving and credit, and a constant work of associate - organization destined to group the different members of a human geographically certain group.

Address: Av. General Enriquez 526 and Av. Monseñor Candido Rada (Red Plaza)
Telephones: 593 (03) 2984-489 / 2980-703
E-mail: microcredito@phdgda.org, bchamorro@phdgda.org
Web site:  
Diocesan Church of Tulcan

The programs of microfinance that comes stimulating the Pastoral Social one, they place in the area of work of the Area of Promotion and Development, which end(purpose) is to fight against the poverty generating better economic and social conditions to the poor sectors of the different parishes of effect of the Diocese.

Address: Av 10 de Agosto and Olmedo. Edif. The Third episcopal Floor
Telephones: 593 (06) 2983-950 / 2982-698
E-mail: ltatesf@hotmail.com, pastsocialtulcan@yahoo.com
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Diocesan Church of Babahoyo

In 2002 the parish was "The Cafetal" the desirability of creating a savings and credit to help those poor sectors of our population without access to banks. It was called: Parish Development Fund. It started with small loans to support productive women in our rural communities, the style of community banking of the India - Bangladesh. Having a good reception from our customers and to further expand the commons, was transformed on 28 August 2006 at the Cooperativa de Ahorro y Credito "Cafetal". Thanks to the confidence of our account savers, was the need to construct their own building so we can give proper attention to our distinguished and loyal customers.

Address: Street Humberto Campi and Jorge Villegas. Diagonal a la Iglesia "Nuestra Señora del Carmen"
Telephones: 593 (05) 2737679 - Cel:091075439, 593 (05) 279 2558 - Cel: 090802061
E-mail: coopelcafetal@hotmail.com, coac.pueblosolidario@yahoo.com
Web site:  


Diocesan Church of Machala

The saving and credit cooperative "Family Solidarity" begins operating legally since February 14fth of 2008 with the Ministerial Agreement No. 000069 granted by the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion. The Cooperative is located in the parish of Our Lady of Swan, Calderon suburb, Santa Rosa canton, Province of the Oro

Address: Neighborhood: Calderon, Street Sixto Durán and Quito
Telephones: 593 (07)-2944486 - Cel: 084774770
E-mail: concalde@yahoo.es
Web site:  
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