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It's an organization with legal capacity of Private, nonprofit with its own assets and Autonomous Administration

UCADE was founded in February 2003 by:

Diocesan Church of the Latacunga
Diocesan Church of the Ambato
Diocesan Church of Santo Domingo of Tsáchilas- Social Action Foundation "Cáritas"
Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference (Honorary Member )
CRS - Ecuador (Honorary Member)
UCADE was approved by the Department of social Well-being in October, 2004
"We are a Catholic Organization of support to the Community Development that he assures:
The institutional strengthening of his Subsidiaries
The excellence of service to the client
The positive influence in political social and financial
The integral development of the impoverished ones and his communities”
"Being in 2012 a network of leading institutions in the microfinance market in providing financial services sector Microentrepreneurs that ensure their economic growth and improving their quality of life, to overcome poverty and social exclusion, inspired by the principles of the Social Doctrine of the Church".
Gospel and Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church
To serve the poorest clients
Relation of lendings with savings
Use of solidary guarantees
Participation activates of the associate in the managing
Plan of permanency
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